About us

At His and Hers music is a passion, not just business.

His & Hers Entertainment

Where do we begin!  We offer a full music production studio in our Philadelphia location.  Located on top of His & Hers Restaurant and Bar.  Our services cover engineering, producing, artist development, music videos, photography and promotion.  We specialize in music distribution on multiple digital platforms. Our goal in entertainment is to be a top entertainment agency. With Biz Porter we manage Singers and Songwriters globally.  Our goal is to make money with the artist not take from the artist.  This is our passion! Sounds of South Street Radio is our online radio platform you can listen live. Concert production is Sal and Tara’s specialty putting on large concerts both in the United States and overseas

Let us put together your dream event!

His & Hers Production is a full service Concert Production company that specializes in Global Talent distribution in and outside the United States delivering small and large concert venues across multiple platforms. 

His and Hers Entertainment has a team of professionals that create every event.  It starts with creating relationships with the Artists and management teams to ensure each event is personable. Supporting both the venue and artist is key to our success.  Globally we are on the ground in the United States, Europe, Asia, Dubai, and Turkey.  At His and Hers Entertainment we pride our selves in making each event a success.  

His and Hers Entertainment and Production is passionate about your next Event.  Contact us today for an Event of lifetime

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